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American Red Cross HQ 
Clark Construction, 650,000 sqft

AOL Creative Centers, Buildings 2-6
HITT Contracting, 1,400,000 sqft

Association of American Medical Colleges HQ
Clark Construction, 290,000 sqft

Baltimore Sun HQ 
Whiting-Turner, 325,000 sqft

Danaher HQ 
Clark Construction, 100,000 sqft

Discovery Channel HQ 
Clark Construction, 550,000 sqft

Liberty Center
Clark Construction, 300,000 sqft

National Research Council HQ 
Centex Construction, 450,000 sqft

Northrop Grumman McLean HQ 
Structuretone, 575,000 sqft 

Station Place III
Securities & Exchange Commission
Balfour Beatty Construction, 218,000 sqft

Time Warner Cable
HITT Contracting, 250,000 sqft

Waterfront 1100 & 1101 4th Street SW
Clark Construction, 500,000 sqft 

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