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Moisture Mitigation

Moisture in concrete is currently the single largest cause of  floor covering installation failures.  Moisture is an inherent component of concrete regardless of whether it is below, on or above grade.  It  exists in decades old concrete as well as that which is newly poured.

Moisture in concrete will compromise the installation of all flooring types by  destroying the adhesive and thus the adhesion of the installed products.  Hard surface floor covering such as welded sheet vinyl, rubber, linoleum,  vinyl plank and tile as well as hard backed carpet and carpet tile are  all at most risk from failure due to moisture in the substrate. These  materials will bubble, wrinkle, blister and lift flooring material from  the substrate as a result of moisture. The only way to resolve these  issues is to remove the flooring, mitigate the substrate and replace  with new floor covering. This process is extraordinarily expensive,  disruptive and invasive and the cost to correct flooring failures far outweighs the proactive approach to resolving moisture issues before the installation of flooring material.

The services provided by NCF Interiors (NCFi) are preventive in nature.  NCFi will test concrete substrates using ASTM approved methods, to  determine the Moisture Vapor Emission Rates, Relative Humidity and pH of the concrete; as verified by independent third parties. These methods  and the testing will identify moisture in concrete, the degree to which  it exists and confirm whether or not the results dictate the necessity  for mitigation and other remedial action. In the case moisture  mitigation is required, as one of the premier applicators of moisture  mitigation systems in the country with over 4 Million SF of experience,  NCFi will provide options using different systems best suited to job  specific conditions.

Floor  covering installation failures due to concrete moisture issues, curing  compounds and other compromising substrate conditions can be prevented  by being proactive and indentifying issues which will cause failures and then working to resolve them.  This service can save millions of  dollars in flooring installation failures and business disruption.

For a complete list of projects completed by NCF Interiors, please see Moisture Mitigation under Project Listings.

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